Aysha Shathi

Aysha Shathi, is a Bangladeshi volunteer who often works as a barista at Esteem coffee. Before coming to Australia, Aysha lived in Dhaka, Bangladesh working as a primary school teacher. In Bangladesh, Aysha would often make hot drinks for family and friends. When she came to Australia she found Esteem Coffee, where she was able to practise her barista skills.

Six months ago, Aysha entered Esteem Coffee after joining a women’s group that regularly hires one of our rooms. During this group’s Friday gatherings in the Soundy Lounge, she encountered Kelvin, one of Esteem Coffee’s owners. At the women’s group, Aysha also met Tah Li, who informed her about Kelvin’s work in assisting people with limited English in gaining work experience. Aysha expressed interest in volunteering and was introduced to Kelvin. And so here we are!

Aysha is looking forward to hosting a Traditional Bangladeshi community meal within our space on the 12th of November this year.

Come in for a coffee with Aysha ๐Ÿ˜Š