Author: Esteem Coffee

  • Aysha Shathi

    Aysha Shathi

    Aysha Shathi, is a Bangladeshi volunteer who often works as a barista at Esteem coffee. Before coming to Australia, Aysha lived in Dhaka, Bangladesh working as a primary school teacher. In Bangladesh, Aysha would often make hot drinks for family and friends. When she came to Australia she found Esteem Coffee, where she was able…

  • Abeba Behraki

    Abeba Behraki

    Abebea Behraki, our Eritrean Chef and Barista lived through 27 years in a Sudanese refugee camp, with little opportunities. In 2017 she was able to move to Tasmania with the goal of finding stable employment. This was a struggle as she arrived with no English. “When I came to Tasmania, Australia in 2017 I had…

  • Anna Mykhalchuk

    Anna Mykhalchuk

    Anna Mykhalchuk’s life took a dramatic turn when she, along with her husband Oleh and their young son Nazarii, had to leave their home in Ukraine. Carrying just two backpacks and a baby carrier, the family embarked on a journey that would lead them to a new home in Tasmania, Australia. Despite the challenges they…